In the chapter, “First Contact” I talk about the great product that I use all the time called Bonjoro. I highly recommend that you use this video greeting service to contact your new patients. I have built a dry needling video training membership site that uses Bonjoro video greetings to onboard new members. The video clips ask every customer to perform a simple call to action of introducing themselves to everyone in the community of manual therapists. My video email open rates are impressive, reaching 97 per cent on average, with 67 per cent engagement. Bonjoro has allowed me to build trust and connect with my customers in an authentic and genuine way.


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Paul Wright - The Million Dollar Health Professional.

I mention Paul in the chapter “Your Greatest Asset” where I talk about the value of your reception staff. For more than 20 years Paul has owned multiple successful health clinics in Australia, whilst still spending more time at home than his wife preferred, never missed a school concert or sports carnival, and visited his clinics for only a few hours each week – at one stage he didn’t even live in the same city as five of his clinics.


Having sold his health businesses – for great prices – he is now focused on sharing his experience and knowledge with fellow health professional with his Practiceology™ VIP Mentor program, team training resources, webinars and live presentations.

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